40 Years Worldwide Experience

Consultant in Agricultural Development & Machinery - Technical Staff Training - Industrial Farm Development

What we can do for your company's development

Mechanization of Industrial Crops - Selection and Optimization of Agricultural Equipment - Studies & Achievements of Irrigated Perimeters - Trainings - Monitoring sites - CMMS software

Agricultural Machinery Consultant & Optimization

Patrick Pichavant is expert in the optimization of Agricultural Machinery present in all kind of plantation.
He brings all his knowledge in engineering and management.

A Team of Specialists

We have an experienced team of mechanical engineers, agronomists and experts in auditing and management controls. We also have a particular specialty in the agro-industrial development in Africa.

A Recognized Expertise

In all kind of industrial plantation (Coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, palm ...) and other development projects and regional planning.

Customized tools for your indistry

We have specific tools to assist you in the long term development of your structure. We have developed a CMMS Software (Computorised Material Management Software) can adapt to your needs.
We also work in the training of technical staff.

Pichavant Consulting is member of SWELIA and AFCAS.
We also have a network of partners which can intervene to complement our expertise (electricity, radio, general engineering, irrigation, ...)